Proposal to Permit Backyard Chickens in Peoria City Limits

The Peoria City Council will be discussing a proposal to allow backyard chickens within city limits at their upcoming meeting on June 25. This comes after the Peoria Planning and Zoning Commission received a citizen petition and listened to over an hour of public comments at their meeting on June 6.

During the meeting, petitioner Kimberly Geraldo highlighted that Peoria is in the minority of cities that do not permit chicken keeping. Geraldo pointed out that the majority of the 150 largest cities in the state already allow backyard chickens, emphasizing the benefits of aligning Peoria with progressive and sustainable urban agricultural practices.

Supporters of the proposal, dressed in yellow, expressed their enthusiasm for the initiative, citing the advantages of keeping chickens in urban areas such as enhancing food security and providing educational opportunities.

However, not all residents are in favor of the idea. Alaysia Mitchell voiced concerns about maintaining Peoria’s urban atmosphere and potential safety issues associated with chicken keeping. Mitchell also raised concerns about the resources needed to monitor the health of chickens and ensure compliance with regulations, as well as the possibility of attracting unwanted animals like coyotes.

Commissioner Ed Barry echoed some of Mitchell’s concerns, highlighting the potential strain on Peoria County Animal Control and the Peoria Humane Society if the proposal were to be approved. Barry emphasized the importance of considering the practical implications and resources needed to enforce regulations related to chicken keeping.

The discussion surrounding backyard chickens in Peoria reflects a broader conversation about balancing urban development with sustainable agricultural practices and community safety. The City Council’s decision on this matter will have implications for the future of urban agriculture in Peoria.

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